Lelia Eye

Lelia Eye is one of the founders of One Good Sonnet Publishing. She met Jann Rowland online while discussing mutual reading preferences. That soon transitioned into writing stories based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, though they have since expanded their writing endeavors.

Lelia Eye was born and raised in Arkansas. She loves reading and misses the days when she was able to be a part of a local community theater group. She is working on several joint projects with Rowland and even has a few personal projects of her own that she tends to whenever she has the time. Her time is split between work, writing, and family, and she only wishes there were more hours in the day for her to tend to them all. With a toddler, a husband, three dogs, and two cats to keep her company at home, she finds there is never a dull moment.

She particularly enjoys reading and writing in genres such as Fantasy, Regency, Romance, Supernatural, and Fairy Tales.