• The Mistress of Longbourn

    Book Cover: The Mistress of Longbourn

    A change in the circumstances of the entail leaves Elizabeth Bennet as the mistress of Longbourn, beholden to no one. Despite the tragedy that took her parents and all but one of her sisters from her, Elizabeth eventually heals, and she takes up the affairs of the estate with a flair her father never possessed. But estate ownership has its own trials, for it makes Elizabeth the target of those who might have otherwise viewed her as nothing more than a pretty vivacious girl.

    When the Netherfield party arrives at the area, the family they find at Longbourn is small, composed only of Elizabeth, who has been changed by the burdens of estate ownership, and her younger sister, who has grown much, but is still immature enough to be infatuated by a handsome face. They also find that Elizabeth faces her own social trials, primarily in the figures of George Wickham, who desires an easy life, and Mr. Collins, who is offended that his father did not inherit Longbourn. It takes all of Elizabeth's fortitude to withstand the men vying for her attention, stand by her principles, and abide by her desire to marry only for the deepest love.

    Yet Elizabeth must also recognize that deep and abiding love when it finds her. For in this world, nothing is perfect, and searching for perfection can lead to one letting true love pass by.

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